Monday, January 21, 2013


That night together
Filled with orgasm
Packed with delight
The rustle of sheets
The scream of bodies
You almost choked me
I know
I know
You don’t care
But it’s my turn today
To complain
To yell
And cry
I wish I knew
It’s a suicide
A chosen death
You clever
You brought
Me blindfolded
Into the alleys
Of that anonymous town
I don’t remember
Permitting you ever
That evening
When you broke the mugs
In anger
And I pledged to return
In time
I wish I could guess
I am being duped
Like always
Wait! Wait!
I think you promised
To compensate
The scratch on my back
With a kiss
And that week of fever
In June
When you kept me awake
Every night
You promised for the
Cake my dear
The time has made you
I presume
Ah! How could I forget
That monstrous woman
In the next house
Her umbrella is still with me
I thought you would come
And collect
It’s still wet
She calls sometimes
To rebuke
And remind
The list is long
And your crimes many
The memoirs
The promises
The deals
I am waiting
I’ll wait…