Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I do not know how to begin. It’s really very difficult to be honest sometimes. More so, when you know your honesty would allure so many unsolicited opinions about you. After this you would always be judged. In a particular way. And tagged with a label. Like they do in a general store or a warehouse. You would have a new, unanimously elected synonym to your name. Pronounced in a whimsical manner. It happened to people I know. People like me. Who just wished to love. They suffered. Were secluded. And categorized similarly. It’s been a habit. Bad habit. Habits are pain. Always. But you think I care now? It’s time to be true to somebody atleast. In fact, all fears emanate from suppression of truth all our lives. It’s time to let it free. I have resisted myself a lot. But it’s essential you should know this before the verdict. The evening you rode me to the end of town. I knew it was bound to happen. People love to meander in fantasy all the time. But you hardly have control over the things you do. Actions can still be controlled to an extent. But emotions they know nothing about the hegemony of power. You can certainly decide for yourself. But not for the universe around you. It does happen. And when it happens you lose. Everything you claimed to possess. Everything you so haughtily professed to be true. Certainty is a rare phenomenon. A long, brutal wait. I have never understood questions people ask each other. When? Why? How? Or when people say I will definitely or would never…with certainty. As if they know. Is the answer always so simple? Plain? White? And can these questions be really answered? Without pause. Without thought. Only if anybody had never heard of love and death before, doubts could be pardoned. Humor me. I could never speak those words before. And I have hardly ever known what poetry is. Also I am aware you could never sing. But how could you…that day? I always whined about that scar on your forehead. But it seems impeccable now. Did you do mend it? I cannot even imagine you without. I knew it was going to rain. The air was moist that evening. Perfumed. Inebriated. Yes. I confess I kissed you. Touched you. ‘There’. But need I apologize? Is it wrong? Unethical? Immoral? Is it? I deserved something better. But you returned me words. Big words. Words I would never understand. What should I do with them? You think it would end. That way. Going away. As if nothing ever happened. Would it be a justice? You think it was just a rustle of bodies. A scratch of skin. And an exchange of fluids. Are we so impolite? You think I manipulated. But was it only me? Did I ever volunteer? Waved my hand? Or showed a flag? You think I never tried. I too care for society. What they say what they feel, matter to me too. Blame may be a tiny word. For those who don’t have a heart. Sometimes a word may end a life. Don’t they hang for using such words? Am I being irrational? Crime is not always tangible. One may commit thousand crimes a day. Is it just? Who would resolve this entire crisis of victimization? Are we trying to propose? An argument? A consensus? A covenant? Sometimes the world seems ridiculously simple. Naïve. Innocent. Ignorance is a veil I suppose. A bright black veil. Rigidly stitched. Essentialised. Can you help tearing it apart? You definitely can. Love can. Death will. How can you be so blind? Maya is a choice my love. We make in every moment. You would say I am drifting away. But in fact, I am welding the gap. It’s comfortable to misinterpret. You save the labor. One can gossip too. Who needs scriptures? Philosophy? It’s insane. Uneducated. Is there still some space? I sense it but why not you? We have the same bodies. Anatomically. At least. You always make unnecessary efforts. Try resting for a while. It would become painless. I cannot preach. But I can feel. Why can’t you? Have you lost it? The ability. Can you…really? It’s inherent I suppose. Unmarred. Unscathed. I can even sketch the face. With eyes. Ears. Nose. Lips. And grace. Can’t you? You don’t need to label also. Am I being unreasonable again? Names are just to avoid confusion. But why you use them otherwise? Is it justice? Justice is a difficult word. We don’t use it very often. But we do love writing it. Prophesize. It may sound like complaining. But I am just trying to narrate. The truth. Its long I realize. Boring too. Disconnected may be. But harsh. Like acid. Living is a choice. Choose. Life. Love. Death. Misery. Death fails. Always. If love situates. Identify. Realize. I loved you. I still do. Accept it. Turn towards me. It may burn the skin. For once. But it would heal the soul. Like a shaman. Believe. Leave the rest. Don’t be scared. Of people. Their words. Their versions. Love me. This is all I ask. From you. Love you.

Monday, January 21, 2013


That night together
Filled with orgasm
Packed with delight
The rustle of sheets
The scream of bodies
You almost choked me
I know
I know
You don’t care
But it’s my turn today
To complain
To yell
And cry
I wish I knew
It’s a suicide
A chosen death
You clever
You brought
Me blindfolded
Into the alleys
Of that anonymous town
I don’t remember
Permitting you ever
That evening
When you broke the mugs
In anger
And I pledged to return
In time
I wish I could guess
I am being duped
Like always
Wait! Wait!
I think you promised
To compensate
The scratch on my back
With a kiss
And that week of fever
In June
When you kept me awake
Every night
You promised for the
Cake my dear
The time has made you
I presume
Ah! How could I forget
That monstrous woman
In the next house
Her umbrella is still with me
I thought you would come
And collect
It’s still wet
She calls sometimes
To rebuke
And remind
The list is long
And your crimes many
The memoirs
The promises
The deals
I am waiting
I’ll wait…