Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A 55 year old man suffering from a terminal illness (having a fancy medical name), lying in a stuporous state in the air conditioned ICU of a modern hospital with numerous tubes inserted into every orifice of his body. What’s death to him?

A 3 year old child suffering from a congenital heart disease, getting cyanosed whenever he tries to move his limbs or make a noise, unaware of his survival, caring only about the activities of his free spirit. What’s death to him?

A 21 year old young soldier ‘survivor’ of a mine blast injury, with both his legs amputated above the knee, having a whole life of merciful dependency in front of him, bearing the brunt of words of his old parents every time he is given the food. What’s death to him?

A 40 year old farmer having a family of 5, working in the harsh weather conditions of the tropical land, waiting for about 8 months to get the fruit of his harvest, when suddenly the floods take away everything he dreamed of. What’s death to him?

A 15 year old girl married to a 50 year old perverted drunkard who beats her like an animal, spits at her face every time she decides to open the mouth, eats her soft flesh with the sharp of his teeth to soothe his barbaric fantasies. What’s death to her?

A 60 year old writer who tried to be true to his ideologies his entire life, not getting carried away by the cheap commercialization of the successful world, tries to look back and finds that his life has been nothing but a failure to the world he wanted to change. What’s death to him?

A 30 year old woman nursing her sick paralyzed husband, fighting with his death every second of the day, tries to be committed to her dharma with full conviction, at the same time kills the outburst of her sexual desires every time she retires to bed. What’s death to her?

Death to all the people mentioned above, irrespective of the situations they are in, if it can be anything; it would be definitely be better than life. It would be a transformation that would mean a freedom from all their suffering and pain. Death to all these people would mean a new life, a new birth. Death for them is a possibility. Death for them is the ultimate nirvana…