Saturday, September 6, 2008

who's inside the web???

There is a web that exists I know. Some people also call it mayajal, some also call it matrix. Life is too different inside from the one that exists outside. Enlightened men say that the world is inside this web. It has to be taken out. Otherwise those cluttered inside will die a miserable death and will not find refuge anywhere else. They will suffocate from each other’s secretions and will not find a place for air to breathe. Those outside feel pity for the ones inside. Those inside feel the same for those outside but in a different way. I know I have to find the truth and existence of the web and the people inside is some part of the whole truth, may be a trivial one but also an important one. It is also said that the whole purpose of life should be to find peace and contentment. And the ones inside are always at peace and contented. They have accepted that He exists and the fact can’t be questioned. Those outside are in a constant search and ultimately they find themselves in a state of unending dilemma. The situation worsens when they start questioning the things they once accepted as truth and find themselves contradicting with their own philosophies. But they will not stop because it’s not in their nature to stop. They can get tired for a while may be a little or too frustrated but they will not stop. They have to find an answer. There will be a lot of enlightened men at their disposal who are ready to lead their paths and promise to bring salvation in their lives. Another possibility is that they will shun all the saints and decide their own path. But the truth remains that they will have to struggle a great deal before they reach anywhere else. Whether they find it or not, it’s difficult to say but they will suffer a lot. And in the end, irrespective of the fact they are inside or outside, they get enlightened or not, will die the same miserable death.

So who’s inside the web? The ones inside who are happy and leading their lives by accepting the things as they seem to exist or the ones outside who may or may not find the truth but have chosen to remain dissatisfied and frustrated till they reach their destination, which also is too hazy many a times.

Oh..! The picture seems to be confusing.
But who has put this web around me???