Monday, October 12, 2015


A peep at the dystopian reality around us is exceptionally interesting. It’s pretty much evident that the concept of evolution has been inverted within the premises of this reality. Also the superimposition of one aspect over the other reveals a disturbing linearity which is unique in its own manner. This linearity has been xeroxed all over. It exists in all frames of our system. The juxtaposition of basic frames shows a fundamental uniformity in all the existing pillars of our modern cultural habitat. And this uniformity is not only mathematical but thematic as well.  Also it’s not only stereotypical of tangible reality but also the subtle variety as well. This one-dimensional reduction of our structural symbols i.e. family, religion, caste, politics, society, education, employment, art, philosophy, science, literature, drama, love, marriage, erotica, parenthood, mentorship, ecology is painstakingly strategized over a period of centuries. The uprooting has not been a day’s work. It has involved herculean amount of planning, labor and sacrifice. Much of it was deliberate and much has been subconscious also. Deliberate is understandable but subconscious? Can it be?

The issue is which part of reality we wish to perceive as tangible and which part as palpable and conquerable. The surface reality has always been and will always be a victim of consumption and consumerism. But the reality beneath which is metaphysical and spiritual is never realized. The cause of this never realized reality is gradual negation of fundamental elements of our consciousness. But when does this negation starts exerting on the being is more fundamental in this entire dilemma.

A single celled zygote formed by the fusion of haploid sperm and egg contains all the genetic information required to form a fully fledged multi-celled life form. Subsequent divisions take place leading to the formation of tissues, organs and organ systems. The sticky liquor around the fetus finally breaks down and the product of conception is delivered. A life form is a product of ecology conceptualized in a spiritual moment of love and is born deeply rooted in an ecosystem of universe of consciousness. It is fed, caressed and nurtured in an environment exposed to all sorts of perceptual reality.

Consciously and subconsciously these ecological linkages are weakened and broken over a period of time. A being is groomed and conditioned in the backdrop of survivalist crisis. Gradually this survivalism becomes the very core of its existence. A survivalist mindset delineates itself from the hidden underbelly of reality. Unfortunately this delineation is multidimensional. The being grows in a survivalist culture of ecologically uprooted society governed by one-dimensional parameters of morality and sustenance. This political breakdown of an individual’s ecology begins the very moment the idea of conception takes birth and even before that. The union of man and woman is politically controlled and executed. The moment of love which we call holy union of two souls, the moment in which the seed of conception is planted inside the flesh is also politically controlled in this era of overpopulation, birth control, Planned Parenthood, green house effect and economic depression. The result is an ecologically devastated, diseased and impoverished civilization with capsized spirituality and shrunken morality. The ecological devastation has ensued at the behest of greed and lust for power and survival. And it’s never ending. It has acquired cannibalistic and masturbatory instincts also. This civilization has lost its self-healing abilities.

In such an age, true love, sacrifice, freedom, justice, liberation, transcendence, transformation, reincarnation become fancy and upmarket philosophies. These philosophies gradually become individual goals. These goals gradually acquire impossible status. This situation creates hordes of god mothers and godfathers. It becomes an epidemic where everybody wants freedom and liberation. But freedom and liberation from whom remain mystery. Everybody wants true love. But love becomes a method and the method becomes cryptic and evasive. Justice never gets realized. Transcendence and transformation attain mystical status. These incomplete goals create disease and frustration. This morbidity becomes chronic and widespread. The existing faculties of treatment become incapable of cure and healing. Suicide, rape, murder and genocide become ordinary. The solutions fall short. And going back seem impractical.

The structure of modernism is convoluted. It suffers from fundamental in-capabilities and deficiencies. The linearity has to be understood. The linkages need to be revived. The ecology requires replenishment. All this need elaborate understanding and harmony. The goals are next to impossible.