Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'a short piece about death'

Dazzling through the lights that
surround me like vultures
eating and tearing apart
the parts of my flesh,
a burst of pain rushing through
my nerves
forbidding the
string of thoughts arriving at my destination,
I yell with pain
And cry for help
Then suddenly
Something strikes me from inside
And it all gets over.
A truth
A philosophy
Whatever it may be
The next moment is going to take
All away
And there will be no more pain
And no more cry.
The end of my struggle
The meaning of my existence
All have an answer in one.
Whatever I do
Let it be right or wrong
It doesn’t even matter
if I win or lose
the winner is already
knocking at my door
I fear to open
I tremble to answer
It has always been there
Mocking at me
when I dress like a hero
feeling sorry for me
when I try to break it open
it has pushed me
several times
and asked me subconsciously
the answer has always been the same.
There is no escape
I know
But this pain is too addictive
Its all going to end in a fiasco
But still I want to be the soldier
The time will come
May be it has already come
The question is ready
This time
it will not wait for my answer
The door has been broken
but the task is still undone.

“are you ready?”
It asks for the last time
And carries me far away….