Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trilogy - part I

I may be a doctor. I may be a poet and philosopher. I may be good in chords and strokes. I am carved like a human. I dress and walk like a human. My head does have conscious and subconscious. I can discover, invent and destroy. I can rule and be a slave if need be. Everybody calls me a human. Everybody wants me to be human. It does hurt me a lot when they want me to be courteous, chivalrous and civilized. It takes a hell lot of effort to be polite and just. I may be smarter than him. I may be more repulsive than him. You may lock inside a room with Beatles Pink Floyd Shakespeare Bhagwadgita Poetry Philosophy 3G I- pads Volkswagen Dollars Euros 3X 7X Continental Chinese Thai Facebook Picasso da Vinci Jack Daniels Marijuana Diamonds and with all the stuff that makes me human. Nobody gave me a choice. That is not what I asked for. I kept wandering and searching to find an answer. I have taken it years to accept. I may take centuries to prove and still get stoned. I may be the master of theories but I have forgotten my basics. I may have taken centuries to evolve but I have been stripped of my instincts in the process. This black veil is jamming my vision. I want to burn it down to ashes. I want to hunt and fuck. Fuck, plain simple fuck. Fuck in the open. Fuck under the big blue sky. Pee on my feet. Shit with everybody watching me. Slumber, where I want to. Meander, when and where I feel to. I want to ramble in herds and flocks. I feel an urge to bark, roar and even mew sometimes. I want to drool and growl. I want to rip apart and lick the flesh. I just love getting naked and soaked in sludge. There may be other truths. But this is also a truth.
Being human is just not me.
I am an animal. Yes an animal.