Thursday, May 1, 2008

the silence speaks...

There’s silence that exits
Within the walls,
Tormented and petrified
Howling secretly in the dark
Caverns of laughter,
It burns in the fire
So profound,
Yet it survives the nights
Of frustration
Sighing gently for its freedom
Every second,
It feeds on the crumbs
Of everlasting desires,
It dreams for the day
That seems far away from
Its boundary,
It longs for the sun
That shines for its enemy.
Hiding the tears
Of disaster
Waiting for the rains
To surrender,
It craves for the high
That exists beyond the
Rigmaroles of reason,
Parched lips cry for water
Words roll from the door
Too often
Hopes get crumpled in the search
For a corner
Echoes wander
Far and wide
Waves reach the lines
So dry
A story waiting to be told
A secret about to unfold
An innocent confession
Of seasons
Whimper in the winds
To shatter
The day seems to be closer
A puff of change will
Make a difference
A splash of colors and
The roar of a thunder
It’s a transformation
That happened never before
The truth is here
It’s not a secret anymore
There’s no more silence
There’re no more walls…