Friday, March 21, 2008


distant lands

walking through the desert
crying over the sand
i saw the similar faces
laughing on the distant land.
tattered and shattered
i manage to see the shore
through the holes in my wounded hands.
they're calling me every minute
shining the broken pieces
of my colors of dreams,
they're talking to one another
about the stones
in my babel of screams,
distorted visions and the beads of red
glittering on the highway
storming my head,
i am trying to keep pace
with the vanishing lights
dying to survive
in the clatter of trivial delights.
i know i can
decipher the code of horizon
embrace the darkness
and laugh at the shining crimson.
crossin the dividing lines
i have come much closer
i can now stand
to spit at the victorious losers.
coming so far
from the abondoned sands
i see them disappearing
from their conquered lands.
no matter how hard you try
to break my legs and make me cry
my insanity will always beat the flock of sheep
kick them in their graves and soak their spirits dry.

my wall...

thought i had something more to say...

it was 2 o' clock in the night when i thought of giving new colors to this painting which i painted an year ago. the result is before you.

the colors in the sky speak of the storm in my head and the darkness my story...

my wall...

the words glare at me every moment
the thoughts provoke me now and then
they want me to fight
the time has come
its time to win
its time to kill...