Monday, November 3, 2008


Words too hate me sometimes
I think many a times,
Silently they manage to slither
Away in corner,
And hide there
For hours together,
Peep through the
Holes too small,
And stealthily whisper about
My despair.
Far stretched in the memory
When the distant shadows
Begin to hurt like arrows,
And the white of the paper
Shines its emptiness with glory,
The hands tremble and
Drops the pen in fear,
Spills the ink on ground
And spoils the linen with tears.
The words watch the show
And rejoice the victory
With grace,
Even begin to retreat
To the foreign land with a
Promise not to return to the base.
Cautiously they walk away
In darkness,
Deciding not to leave
The footprints behind,
And warily eat away the hustle
That breaks the softness so kind.
They have gone too far
And hidden somewhere in the
Lonely woods,
So begins the endless search
For the friends of the lonesome nights
And the desperate moods.
In time,
The mind would wither
Away the blazing sense
And the heart would tear apart
The emotions so tense.
The murky night longs for the
Golden bowl,
Like a shriveling body quivers for the
Lost soul.
The hope lingers that the
Time would come
The poem still needs an end,
The poem still needs an end…

Space around my coffin…

Sleeping in my coffin
I hear them cry
With their hearts out,
When the words of adulation
Begin to flow
I prefer to turn around
And die for a moment again,
They load my coffin
With the dead flowers
And pray for my safe journey
Through heavens
And the worlds beyond.
I am lying there for
Years and days
Waiting for someone
To set me free,
But death seems to be a tricky
Affair, not as easy as it
Seemed to be.
She comes and sobs and
Lies to me
As she used to do when
I was around.
I lived a life of false pride
And had a similar end.
The soul lingers to
Escape the fake world
Space around my coffin
Still waits for the one
With a true heart,
The soul would wither away
Without the truth.
Because it has been a long time
Since my demise,
So now
the dead man wants to die,
For once and for all…

An autobiography

Part 1

A monster by nature,
A speck by size,
An insect by birth,
Seemed to be crawling
On and on,
Till I killed it for once
And for all,
Got relieved for a while,
But then it started again
This continued for hours
When I finally decided to
Give up.


I transformed myself into
An insect…

Part 3

Now we crawl together
In unison…