Friday, March 4, 2011


I planted a tree in my room. Few days back. Since it could not be planted outside. In the cozy comfort of my room, I installed it just next to my bed. Protected from sun, wind, water and other climatic hazards. Neon light of my room provided energy to the tree. Air conditioner which I purchased last year was a constant source of air exchange and chlorofluorocarbons required for the growth and survival of the tree. I also used to breathe into it few hours a day. For this purpose I even carved a small hole in the bark of the tree. I was concerned about the water supply. In the beginning I started watering it with tap water. But soon the roots became shriveled and dead due to the acidic content of the water. So I had to switch onto my own body fluids including urine, saliva and sweat. They were also acidic but less acidic than the drinking water. Within few days it showed a phenomenal growth. I consulted a lot of experts about the fertilizers. I spent thousands on purchasing some of them. Even started nourishing it with these artificial nutrients. But with experience I realized that there is nothing like human shit. Even animal shit proved to be a very good source. Gradually I started experimenting with other sources of nourishment. Once I found a dead dog lying in the street. Somebody had crushed it under his speeding vehicle. I brought it home. Tore it apart into smaller pieces. Further crushed those pieces into finer ones in the grinder. Mixed those pieces with my body fluids and made a thick paste out of them. Applied the paste in the roots and buds of the tree. Within few days the tree grew numerous branches and even bore fruits. I had to even break one of the walls of my room to give space to the growing tree. I was really happy. I had developed a father son relationship with my tree. Watching it grow inch by inch was a pleasure in itself. The tree became a voracious carnivore very soon. I started feeding it with chicken and meat. It became greener, taller and bulkier. People used to visit my house to have a look at the tree. It had been decades since they saw a phenomenon like this. After all nobody grows trees nowadays. They grow only buildings made up of bricks and cement. Anyways, within few days the tree dropped its first ever fruit on my bed. I was sleeping at the time. It hit my head and I woke up with surprise. I celebrated my success and tasted the fruit. I heard about fruits during my school days and even tasted one at my grandma’s place many years ago. But since then it had been a dream. Tasting it almost for the first time in my life was a delightful experience. Though it had no taste at all but it was indeed very rich and healthy. I had found an alternate source of business of selling fruits. I grew prosperous day by day. All was going well. But all good things come to an end someday. I was out of town for two days. It started raining heavily and within few hours turned into a storm. The water flooded into my building.
I returned home happily. I had made good money during these two days by signing important contracts. As I opened the front door, I found everything soaked in water. I immediately ran to my bedroom. And found that the tree had turned all yellow. The sulfuric and nitric acid of rain water had burnt and damaged the roots of the tree. The parched leaves and branches were lying dead scattered on the floor. The dream was over.
People say nature destroyed my tree.
I remain silent and think... it's time...